Bait Strips

  • Compact design allows product to be placed in tightest areas such as door hinges, tight corners, small space in between cabinet and wall.
  • Kills roaches in a DominoEffect.
  • Eliminates the pest problem at the source of the infestation.
  • Provides continuous killing of roaches in the nest where they live.

How Combat Roach Bait Strips work:


  • Insect stomachs poison. Kills roaches through ingestion.
  • Formula gives roaches time to return to their nest before dying to poison other roaches in the nest.
  • Kills roaches in a domino effects, eliminating the source of the infestation via secondary kill effect.
  • Some roaches die in the nest where you will not see them.




  • Break strips discs apart from plastic frame. Peel off adhesive sticker on bottom of strip and stick them on wherever roaches are seen.
  • Use all the bait strips at one go, and place 6-8 strips per area.
  • To activate strip, peel off the protective film on top of the strip named ‘Peel Here’.
  • Place bait stations around the bathroom and kitchen area as well as near sewage pipes, rubbish chutes, furniture and behind appliances.
  • Do not spray other insecticides on baits as it will reduce the effectiveness.
  • Increased roach activities may be seen near baits immediately after placement due to attractant. Activities will lesson after one week.
  • Replace all baits every 3 months.
  • Ensure baits remain dry and uncontaminated at all times.

Placement Tips:


  • Behind toilet
  • Under sink
  • Along sink bottom/floor
  • Drawers


  • Under & on top of refrigerator
  • On top of, under, and inside of cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Drawers
  • Beneath stove
  • Under sink
  • Near trash can
  • Spaces In between walls and cabinets


  • Combat roach strips are formulated with powerful attractants that attract roaches.
  • Roaches bring baits back to nest where roaches are for an ultra strong secondary kill effects. Kills hidden roaches and their eggs.
  • The roach strips are easy-to-use and no mess.